Go Fish

Ruth’s neighbor had been sick for a long time and had grown quite reclusive and stopped responding to any of her neighborly gestures. Ruth had all but given up trying to love her neighbor.

That was, until the day her neighbor reached out to her. In total distress, she called Ruth and explained a pretty serious problem she was experiencing. Ruth’s response was kind and compassionate, and she was ready to help. As it turned out, this was a pivotal moment in their relationship—Ruth’s neighbor has needed daily help with small and bigger things ever since.

“Sometimes you just have to get involved,” Ruth said. “I’m thankful God is using me. Being part of my neighbor’s life in this way is an answer to my own prayers—my life is richer for it.”


Jeff will jokingly tell you that he feels like he splits his time between three places: work, his bed, and wherever his kids are playing their next game. A father of four “sporty” kids, Jeff wants to support them, plus, he admits with a grin, “I love sports! Being on the soccer sidelines or in the stands at baseball is pure enjoyment for me!”

He’ll also tell you that he has really enjoyed getting to know the parents of the other players.

“I’m so grateful I’ve met all these folks that I otherwise would never cross paths with! And you wouldn’t believe some of the discussions that come up when you’re in the bleachers for a few hours! I’ve had incredible conversations about the mundane and the tragic. About life and God and faith—at gymnastics meets! Just like God continues to pursue me, he’s after many of the parents I’ve met in the stands, pursing them for his own because he wants them to experience life with their Father. As for me, I know he’s introduced me to them so that I might be a part of that somehow.”

MORGAN . . . and her church

Two single moms who happened to attend the same church had been searching for months for affordable housing. Literally, nothing was available to rent in the town where they lived even as moving day for both of them loomed closer and closer on the calendar.

What were they going to do? Where were they going to go?

That’s when Morgan, another friend from their church who had been helping them look for apartments, saw a “FOR RENT” sign in front of yet another place. Dutifully, she called the number on the sign as she and others had done so many times before.

No one was holding their breath.

But then an amazing thing happened! Two apartment units were actually available in the triplex! And by the grace of God, the landlord permitted both women to sign leases with him for rents that they could afford!

In exchange for the reduced rents, the landlord simply requested help with outdoor maintenance issues like lawn mowing, leaf raking, and snow plowing and shoveling. He explained that he lived out of town and these tasks were hard to manage long distance.

So the women’s church stepped up and said they would be happy to help.

For two years now, this body of believers has assumed responsibility for a building they don’t even own. But this choice to serve the landlord has allowed the church to become a light and the presence of God to not only the owner of the building but to the neighborhood as well. In fact, many neighbors have been commenting that the place hasn’t looked this good on the outside in years!


When Jesus called his first disciples, he said, “Come follow me.” Amazingly, they dropped their nets and did. It’s also interesting to note what Jesus said would be the result of that following: “I will make you fishers of men (and women).”

Jesus’ invitation is one to a rich life of relationship. When any one of us just stops long enough to take notice, we will see that it’s possible for us to go fish, too.

Who will you “fish” for?

Ruth, Jeff, and Morgan and her church have discovered ways to “Go Fish” in their daily lives. Do you feel equipped to do the same?

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