A Fresh Way for Your Church to Live Out and Communicate the Gospel

Equip your church for meaningful conversations about God with people who believe differently.

Download this sample 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations small group guide and you can see for yourself how it is geared for growing in simple, everyday practices modeled by Jesus.


How can the 9 Arts practices help your church?

  • Your people will gain everyday skills that build trust, even when different viewpoints are involved.
  • They will learn how to engage in meaningful conversations about God in ways that feel natural.
  • Your church will be able to spread outward by relating with people like Jesus did . . . and see many more come to know him!

Watch this 9 Arts Church Leader Webinar recording (24 min) to see why these practices are so important and how you can make the most of the time your church will invest in the 9 Arts.

Let us know if you would like links that are mentioned in the webinar or if you have questions.


What Church Leaders Are Saying


“As a pastor I had called my congregation to share the gospel of Jesus in our daily lives, but also struggled with how to equip them to do so. When I learned about the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations and began to study them, I felt as though the light had come on!”

Pastor Michael Dean


“Practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations has been a breath of fresh air to our worshipers, renewing their hope that they can grow in naturally influencing others towards faith in Jesus.

We are eight weeks into the study and people are excited!”

Pastor Michael Ostermann


“Our church hosts a full schedule of groups and events, but the critical mission is still to stay focused on the Gospel and reaching out to care about people. 

An unhurried journey through the 9 Arts renewed this vital focus in our church.”

Pastor David Riemenschneider