Prayers, Hair and the Neighbor Downstairs

When my husband and I moved into our apartment complex three years ago, I began to pray for God to open up opportunities to meet my neighbors. Matt and I would try to notice who was out and about and greet people, but it seemed that doors would often slam in our faces.

I didn’t know what it was about that place. Or was it something about us?

We kept praying and making small efforts, and I felt at peace even though it seemed like God wasn’t answering our prayers. But about six months ago, my downstairs neighbor started to say hello as I walked by, and I would stop for a quick conversation. Then—somehow—she found out that I was a hair stylist and asked if I could come by sometime to help her with her hair since she struggles with hip problems that make it hard for her to go out. I couldn’t believe it! This was an enormous answer to prayer! I was so thankful to get to know her better by doing that. And what a privilege it was to be welcomed into her home! I thanked God for the amazing way he allowed me to reach out and bless her—using my own skills and gifts. 

Ever since cutting her hair, whenever I see her outside smoking, she lets me stop and talk with her. Most of our conversations are short and mainly focus on how she’s handling her hip pain that day, but just recently I learned that she went to see if she was a candidate for a hip replacement. She found out she wasn’t. That discouraged her. She also told me she is in need of a new bed that will help alleviate the pain she’s in. The bed is around $600, but because she’s on disability, she doesn’t have the money to spend on it. When I heard of this opportunity to bless her I immediately thought of my church. We have what we call a “Go-and-Love Fund” which is for situations like this. I have no doubt that they will want to bless her with this bed, and my husband and I will continue to listen to how the Holy Spirit guides us in building this relationship with her.

I want her to feel the love that Jesus has for her in a tangible way and one day share the hope of the gospel.

I’m so grateful to God for a chance to be his Son’s presence where I live and will keep my eyes and heart open for others the Lord puts in my path.

~ Raquel