Why Do You Work?

You’ve seen them! Those statistics that show how much time the average person might spend on certain activities throughout their lives? 

For example, it’s been said that the average person spends 2 years of their life watching commercials, 2.5 years cooking, and just over 4 years driving their car.

All kinds of activities get measured—but one in particular typically comes out at the top: work.

Consider the reality that, on average, a person spends 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the workplace. That’s 2080 hours in a work setting during a typical year—just think about how much time that is over a lifetime!

Why do you do it?

Other than the obvious reason (income!) have you ever considered that all those hours at work could provide immense opportunities to open the hearts of those you work with (and for) to the idea of Jesus?


Meryl works as a nanny for a suburban family. She walks the kids to school, is on call for any emergencies that might arise, tends to the dogs, does light housekeeping, runs errands, and drives the kids back and forth to their after school activities.

But every once in awhile when she has extra time, she says she takes “great pleasure in doing little things I haven’t necessarily been asked to do. I’ll fold the laundry that’s still sitting in the dryer or make a special dinner. I know it would make me happy if someone did those things for me. I want to help create a peaceful place for the family I work for to return to.”


Lindsey describes the time she was in a large retail-box store, waiting in the checkout lane behind a woman purchasing food and diapers:

“When the cashier rang up her total, she started looking for things to put back. When he rang her up the second time, she still came up $18 short. But before she could choose another item to put back, the cashier pulled out his own wallet and covered the rest of her total.”

Lindsey is pretty convinced that she was the only one who saw this act of kindness, “It was done without recognition or fanfare.” She said she was moved by such a beautiful display of neighborliness.


Ben just got his first paid acting job. He almost couldn’t believe it when he got called back for the second round of auditions and then got the word that he’d been cast in a major role.

Having had most of his recent stage experiences in the context of a Christian college, he admitted to being a little wary of what this professional experience might be like. But Ben is enjoying getting to know the other members of the cast, he appreciates the perspective of his director, and he says that the cross he wears around his neck has opened up lots of good and interesting conversations with those involved with the production.

“I just want them to see Jesus in me.”


Are you a teacher, truck driver, lawyer, chef? What do you do and where do you do it? Why are you there? 

As a follower of Jesus, you are a commissioned disciple-maker, sent to your unique arenas and spheres of influence to make a difference for the Kingdom. But most likely, the desire to make and be that difference has less to do with your desire than it does with how comfortable you are with your level of preparedness.

So take our free assessmentIt will give you insights into your strengths and help identify growth areas that you can focus on as you walk the way of Jesus where you live, play, and work.